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Solo Traveler Learns On The Road

Is Nepal Safe for Solo Travellers?

Nepal is well known for its deep spirituality, breath-taking mountains, and sweet souls. It is one of the popular destination for solo travelers. This beautiful pocket of South Asia is generally safe for both men and women, but you still need to be aware of a few cultural and legal norms, and do some research to make the most of your time here.

You’ll need some resources, a whole lot of curiosity, and an open mind to make a solo trip to Nepal a meaningful and memorable experience.

Guests were treated as gods in Nepal in ancient times. In recent times as well, the guests are well respected and well treated.

Travel Safety Tips:

Be insured before visiting Nepal.

Being insured before visiting any unknown destination is most. So, before visiting Nepal as a solo traveler, Oasis Nepal will strongly recommend you get full medical and travel insurance covering all overseas medical and emergency evacuation costs.

Good travel insurance doesn’t cost a lot, and if things go wrong in Nepal, having it could save your life. Hospitals in Nepal are not free, and you will need to prove that you can make the payment. The hospital is affiliated with major insurance companies, and can quickly and easily verify and validate your travel insurance to take care of the bill, or transfer you to your home country, in severe cases.


Get Information regarding local culture and norms

Nepal is a deeply spiritual country where religious devotion is woven into many aspects of everyday life. In Nepal, nearly 90% of people are Hindu and nearly 10% Buddhist, and dressing modestly and knowing what’s acceptable when visiting religious sites is very important. If you feel you missed out on something and are not familiar with local religion and rites it’s better to ask your local hotel staff or local transportation agent or even you can ask the locals. They are happy to help.

There is no question that travellers are often criticized for poor judgment when it comes to respecting local customs and norms when travelling, particularly in more conservative parts of South Asia.

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