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Mustang Tiji Festival

Experience Century old Festival of Buddhist Tibetan Community

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival

Every year, Tiji festival brings people from across the world to Mustang.

Mustang offers an incredible destination for adventure seekers. This is the chance to visit this unique region of Mustang—a place where the locals celebrate a festival praying for World Peace, every year.

Tiji festival is an important annual event and a famous festival in Lo-Manthang of Upper Mustang, Nepal. Tiji Festival is celebrated for three days, which falls at the end of May according to the local calendar.

There’s nothing like the Tiji Festival to experience the magic of a Tibetan ritual celebrating the myth of a son who had to save the Mustang kingdom from being destroyed by an army that included Mongol invaders. People wear costumes and perform dances and rituals to drive away evil spirits during festival time. Tiji Festival dances are all coordinated by Chodehe Monastery, which belongs to the Sakya Sect of Buddhism.

The Rituals and The Festival

On the First day of the festival, the monks will perform a traditional dance, “Tsajam”. This dance illustrates the story of the birth of Dorji Sonam, a reincarnated Buddha to the demon who harassed and brought destruction to the country.

On the Second day, ‘NgaCham’ dance takes place, which illustrates the attempt of Dorji Sonam returning back to the Buddhist Realm.

On the Last day,  the monks perform ‘Rha Chham’, which illustrates the triumph of Dorji Sonam over the demon. This defect brings prosperity to the land of Mustang and spread love and peace to the whole world.

The 3-day festival seems to have a well-scripted drama about it. The dance and the festival will so be managed and organized. It’s an awesome experience to attend Upper Mustang’s Tiji Festival. You’ll get to stroll along with the stunning and exceptional surroundings of Upper Mustang with the magnificent views of the snow-capped peaks, and will also enjoy an exciting vibrant cultural festival.

The Tiji Festival 2023 will be celebrated on 14th, 15th & 16th May 2023.

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